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The current GEMs tell all

Housing is one of the best kept secrets in todays job market. Many of the graduates on our internship programme did not go to univeristy with the intention of working within the housing sector or even recognising it as a sector that provides graduates careers suitable for such a diverse range of courses, but have found their skills to be fully utilised and developed.

To help our new applicants we interviewed both our 2012/13 and current cohort on their year as a GEM graduate.

The following case studies map out their journeys.

Cohort 5 – 2012/13

James Highmore

Sarah Morton

Jonathan Rogers

Danielle Smith

Matthew Whittley

Cohort 6 – 2013/14

Mueid Shujaeid

Emily Ashford

Ashley Bainbridge

Conor Brown

Cohort 7 – 2014/15 

Emily Burton

Kayleigh Hancox