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The GEM Programme

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Project 5 - Salix Homes

Project 6 - Salix Homes

Project 7 - South Yorkshire Housing Association

Project 8 - United Living Swanley CSS

Project 9 - United Living Sheffield GMG

Project 10 - United Living Swanley NBC

Project 11 - United Living Wolves HS

Project 12 - United Living Swanley RT

Project 13 - Regenda Group Development role

Project 14 - Orbit Group Property Service Development role

Project 15 - Contour Homes Assistant Surveyor

Project 16 - Contour Homes Trainee Safety and Compliance



Read tips and advice on the recruitment process from our current GEMs here.

The current GEMs tell all! Read about the year in the life of a GEM graduate here.



Potential Partners:  Please contact us on info@centreforpartnership.co.uk to find out about how you can become part of our national GEM programme partner network.

Graduates:  Please contact us on info@centreforpartnership.co.uk to register your interest in the GEM Programme. For up to date GEM news, come give our Facebook page a like and follow us on twitter.

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