Centre For Partnership

The GEM Programme

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Project 1- Wheatley Group

Project 2 - Incommunities IT

Project 3 - Contour Homes NH Officer

Project 4 - Thurrock Council

Project 5 - Salix Homes

Project 6 - Salix Homes

Project 7 - South Yorkshire Housing Association

Project 8 - United Living Swanley CSS

Project 9 - United Living Sheffield GMG

Project 10 - United Living Swanley NBC

Project 11 - United Living Wolves HS

Project 12 - United Living Swanley RT


Read tips and advice on the recruitment process from our current GEMs here.

The current GEMs tell all! Read about the year in the life of a GEM graduate here.



Potential Partners:  Please contact us on info@centreforpartnership.co.uk to find out about how you can become part of our national GEM programme partner network.

Graduates:  Please contact us on info@centreforpartnership.co.uk to register your interest in the GEM Programme. For up to date GEM news, come give our Facebook page a like and follow us on twitter.

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