Centre For Partnership

the partnership standard

Organisations achieve more by working together than by working independently, but partnerships can be undermined if the partnership is not led and managed effectively.

The Centre for Partnership has helped organisations work together since 2006. We are the only organisation in the UK that can provide accreditation for working in partnership and achieving excellent standards.

Our Partnership Standard has been recognised by the National Housing Federation.Our experience of delivering the Partnership Standard in many organisations has convinced us that successful partnerships are as much about leaders and their staff as they are about organisations.

If conflicts arise between different partners, a partnership can soon unravel and organisations find themselves working against each other rather than together, thats why we developed the Partnership Standard to ensure that partnerships work effectively for the benefit of everyone involved.

who is the partnership standard aimed at?

The Partnership Standard has already benefited a wide range of organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors, including education, construction, local government, health regeneration, social housing and community development.

To find out more: tel: 08451 660 600 or email: info@centreforpartnership.co.uk